It all started in 2018 when I got introduced to flow arts and picked up my first pair of Poi. Ironically, I wasn’t interested in hula hooping at all back then, but the drive to try new things never really goes away for me. In September, I thought I would give it a try and bought my first hula hoop. Surprisingly, it went from learning the simple basics to a 6 hours daily practice, molding my way into choreographing my own moves, tricks and combination. I couldn’t get my hands and mind off my hoop anymore.

Not only was I physically healthier, energetically active and more flexible, Hooping gave me a strong spiritual and psychological balance releasing me from everything I was going through. My self-confidence grew with my experience and I became much happier.

Now, I feel connected to my hoops on so many levels. Music plays a huge role in my flow, as I never limit my music taste, I try and move to every beat that is being thrown at me, transmitting all my emotions into my flow.

I started teaching in summer 2019; watching others grow to find their own flow and seeing them finding their emotional and spiritual balance boosts my passion towards hooping even more.

Flow is meant to be shared.